Our Vision

We aspire to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment and contribute to the greater good of humanity and the planet through science, reason, compassion and creativity.

Our Purposes

  • Educate the public on humanist and naturalist worldviews

  • Promote the use of the democratic process, scientific inquiry, critical thinking and moral reasoning to support a secular society

  • Advocate for the separation of church and state

  • Champion human rights, global ethics and planetary sustainability

  • Cultivate personal growth, humanist values and ethical decision-making

  • Create and sustain a caring humanist community

Our Values

  • beauty and the arts

  • commitment to the greater good

  • community service

  • compassion

  • cooperation

  • creativity

  • critical thinking

  • curiosity

  • democracy

  • diversity

  • empiricism

  • environmentalism

  • equity

  • free inquiry

  • human dignity

  • human well-being

  • inclusion

  • life-long learning

  • open-mindedness

  • personal responsibility

  • reason

  • respect

  • scientific inquiry

  • secularism

  • separation of church and state